GOG Galaxy Has Been Announced

GOG announces new gaming platform.

During Good Old Games Summer conference earlier today the retailer revealed their new Steam inspired platform called GOG Galaxy.  Guillaume Rambourg, the VP of GOG in North America describes the service as a “truly gamer friendly, 100% drm-free online platform”. He goes on to explain that GOG Galaxy will give gamers the freedom of choice to play their games anywhere, anytime whether you have an online connection or not.

Another pillar of this new platform is GOG’s goal of trying to remove the hassle of having to use 3rd party clients like UPlay, Origin, and Steam. How they plan to eliminate this hassle hasn’t quite been explained yet but hopefully we hear news soon.

Alongside this news CD Projekt Red who was also in attendance was able to announce The Witcher 3: Wild Hunts release date.

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  • Ryan lerman

    This is awesome. The GOG platform has been awesome and this is something I’ll be watching.

    • Jeffrey Lerman

      I’m curious to see what their plan is to evade third party clients.