Miscreated Update on Development


The developers behind a survival online game called Miscreated have released an update on their development. I’ve only just recently heard about Miscreated and decided why not give people a heads up on it! Miscreated looks like it was probably inspired by Dean Hall’s DayZ. It takes place in the year 2089 after two major nuclear wars took place and as you’d imagine, it’s a wasteland. Instead of having to deal with zombies, you’ll encounter mutated humans, bandits, and radiation itself. The map will be 64km2 which if you’ve played DayZ, that’s a little over a quarter the size of it. It was also greenlit on Steam.

What looks interesting about Miscreated is dynamic events, a weather system coming into play, and being able to construct your own bases. While we often hear about DayZ clones like the dreaded The War Z situation, now Infestation: Survivor Stories, this certainly isn’t one of them. There’s a pre-alpha trailer below on the game from May this year worth checking out.

I’m curious to see how many people will be able to hop into a game together. Anyway, the new update for Miscreated is supposedly a short one but still has plenty of polishing. They’ve been consistently working on animations, cleaning up the main menu, optimization, and some touch ups on the vegetation.

“We’re still doing a lot of work on the animations for the game, and this is currently our most critical item to get fixed and improved. We’ve been doing work on blending additive animations (for the players arms), working on adjusting base movement speeds and animations to reduce foot sliding, adjusting the base skeleton so the player isn’t hunched over when running as much, adjusting the base mesh to remove some of the “turtling” effect in the neck at times, making some custom transition animations (crouch to stand, stand to sit, …)”

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