if Success: Failure() Focuses on Hardships of Development

if Success

Yesterday I came across a game called if Success: Failure() which looks appealing. If anything I could see it being more of a informative experience for people outside the development scene while a bit of a infuriating game. The basis behind if Success: Failure() is that you’re a developer having to balance the time spent on development and keeping fans happy. We all know keeping your community happy is an important part of development as you often see with crowdfunded projects. In the case of this game, you’ll be spending plenty of time reading angry emails from fans like the one above. The developer behind if Success: Failure goes by Pickled Sea Cat.

I always get a kick out of informative games like this, but it’s also a title that won’t reach a large audience in my opinion. While yes games like Dark Souls provide people with the motivation needed to conquer its difficulty, it’s hard to see what will motivate you here. That I can see being the biggest obstacle for developing this, keeping the player motivated in finishing their game after all of the hate mail. Because that’s the real struggle many developers endure.

You can follow the development on if Success: Failure() on their blog.

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  • Pickled Sea Cat

    Thank you very much for the write up. I’ll definitely have to balance keeping players interested, and putting them through a story which is (unfortunately) very negative.

    I think the game will live or die by the writing (which is meant to have a healthy dose of humour/dark humour). If I can get enough traction, I’d really love to hire a writer to take the fan mail to another level.

    Thanks again. :)

    • Jeffrey Lerman

      Sounds like a plan indeed! Not all games are supposed to be happy and positive that’s for sure. And the good thing about this one is that it teaches you something.